"We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilization is all about - farming replacing hunting."

-Jacques Cousteau



Our Mission

Sunken Seaweed arose out of a deep concern for the health of our world's ocean. Our mission is to increase marine biodiversity, reverse climate change effects, and promote a new, healthy relationship between people and seafood. 

Meet the farmers


Torre Polizzi

Torre has been an ecologist since he could crawl. Exploring the dirt, worms, trees, snakes, and birds in his own backyard translated very well when he decided to pursue Marine Biology at Humboldt State University. His fascination with intertidal ecology led him to pursue scientific SCUBA diving, so he could gain a deeper understanding of how coastal ecosystems work. In his free time, Torre's hobbies include finding obscure hobbies, cooking, and sampling IPAs from San Diego's ever-expanding microbrew scene.


Leslie Booher

A Californian through and through, Leslie loves every inch of her home state's coastline, and has dedicated a good chunk of her life to ensuring its health. While studying Marine Biology at Humboldt State University, she was able to do research on the rugged North Coast, where she fell in love with the tide pools, seaweed, and fellow researcher, Torre Polizzi. When she's not on the farm, Leslie enjoys running, watching B-horror movies, and hunting for thrift store treasures.